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After submitting my site to google, and adding to my analytics account, I can’t explain it but Google is not giving accurate traffic reports. Maybe they’re backlogged… who knows!!!

I think I might be better off, at least for now with a simple and invisible traffic counter. Does anyone have any suggestions… other than Sitemeter?


google does not use any backlinks for analytics…

As I said, It’s about traffic or visitor reports… not backlinks.


Hi @sethregan, thanks for the question. The #1 reason for this behavior you describe, is that there is both an analytics number input to the Analytics field in the Analytics tab of site settings, AND there is a google analytics script being used in the head of the site or site pages.

The analytics setting should be one or the other, but not both. When both are present, Google does not know whether to use Google Classic Analytics (analytics field in the Analytics tab) or Google Universal Analytics (the google script in the header of the site or site page).

Usually removing the UA number from the Analytics field of the Analytics tab in Site Settings, and then republishing the site, will enable google to read and track the analytics properly.

If you can provide a link to the page not getting tracked, I can run a test to see if this above is the case, or you can just remove the extra analytic and then check in google if new site visitors to the page are shown.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Dave. Are you referring to the Google Classic Analytics ID?

Hi @sethregan, yes that is the one, either that one should be removed, or the tracking snippet in the head of the site. There was two UA numbers found, both with same ID, but pointed at different Google Analytics, so the analytics ID was not successfully read by Google.

I can test again if google can read that, let me know once updated :slight_smile:

p.s. to test if Google can read your analytics properties, get the Google Tag Assistant extension for chrome. It will tell you if the page is communicating, not-communicating or communicating only partially.

As I looked again, I don’t see that any analytics UA was entered. Looking at the Analytics Dashboard I see this:

You can see it’s not been filled in. So I’m not sure where that duplicate is.

Hi @sethregan, thanks, which published URL are you looking at? I am happy to go check that.


Thanks Dave.

Hi @sethregan, thanks for sending the link, I am sorry, I actually mean’t the published url that you are trying to track in analytics, the published site url that the site visitor would visit and that should be tracked in analytics.

If you want to share that with me via PM, that is fine also.

Thanks in advance!