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Tracking inventory with floating point


Does anyone know a way to enter inventory as floating point values rather than only being limited to integers?

This is needed for products that are sold as fractions from a larger stock - examples are anything sold by weight, volume or units from a whole. In this particular case it is barrels/kegs of beer - the customer buys measures taken from the barrel and it needs accurate counts on available stock which is not achievable without decimals or percentages/fractions.

E.g. Selling beer in pints (weights & measures act) Some beer is supplied in imperial and some in metric. Rounding to whole units will result in inaccurate inventory tracking.


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To prompt some discussion on this: the most useful solution would be for the inventory count to be defined in integers but with the ability to define what that integer is using standards:

weight - grams, pounds, ounces, kilos etc
volume: pints, gallons, litres, centilitres etc
area: square feet, square metres etc
unit: set by the user as they see fit

All are fundamental to commerce and trade depending on the needs of the item.

I have the same problem here and couldn’t find a solution.

Because of under sight from Webflow as company and what is required for businesses all over the world. San Francisco deals in units as they define, they also have incredibly bad inequalities. If someone would pay for the time it’s probably fixable. Preferably from the platform rather than a poor soul putting in sweat equity without returns.