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Tracking Inventory based on a specific date?

Hi all,

I am building a website for a client similar to where customers can select inflatables that they want to rent to a shopping cart on a specific date and duration. How do we track the inventory for a specific item on a specific date?

For example, a customer wants to rent 2 Bounce Houses for 2 days on 11/20 and 11/21. On 11/20, there is only 1/5 Bounce House left, and on 11/21, there is 0/5 Bounce House left. Otherwise, the website should show 5/5 for all other dates. How do we do it on the e-commerce on Webflow?

Thank you.

Hi @dtrandesign.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after probably isn’t possible with Webflow alone. That said, with our seamless Webflow integration, some custom code, and possibly Zapier/Integromat, you should be able to get what you need:

Feel free to email us and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction. Also, with our Accelerate program, we may be handle the setup for you for a one-time fee: