Tracking conversion and event data from Webflow in Everflow

Use case: a visitor clicks on a Demo button on your site and submit a form with contact info. How can you tell exactly what campaign or tactic actually generated that conversion? Did she visit the site after reading a blog post? Did he clicked on a google ads a couple of days ago?

Unless I know that I can’t understand what campaigns and tactics are actually driving traffic & conversions. UTM codes are very weak for this.

Here is the solution we are using ourselves:
By consolidating conversion information from Webflow in Everflow you can track , attribute and manage all of your omnichannel campaigns in once place: Affiliates, Referrals, Influencers, SMS, In-App purchases and all your media buying channels (Google Ads, FB Ads, etc.)

In the link you can see step by step how to place JS code in your webflow site. There is also a short video: