Track schedulling convert in CMS page

Hi there.

I am making a marketplace site for students to book a call with coach.
I have a list of 1000 coaches .
Each coach’s profile page will have a “Schedule call” button.

How can I track total clicks and total call scheduled for a specific profile?

Thank you : ).

Hi Stella, yes this is possible but it’s not a built-in capability.

I’d need to know more about what the button does in order to suggest a best approach here.
However, here are some possibilities-

Use jetboost’s likes & favorites feature, which may require a bit of custom script. It has the ability to update a numeric field in your CMS which makes that easily accessible.

Or, build something similar using

If you don’t need to actually store the count in the CMS, you can avoid potential problems and collisions with multiple updates happening simultaneously, by using a third-party counter solution and custom scripting to integrate it. I use this one on occasion. It’s free however, so I wouldn’t recommend it for critical data.

If you want to take that approach and need help with the coding, feel free to PM me, I can send you details.

You could also use Google Analytics GA4 and conversion tracking.

See Conversions - Analytics Help