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Track purchase event

Hey There

I am tracking users using
I would like to add a track event to the order confirmation page which passes
-Customer email
to segment. I am not able to find any list of variables that webflow uses. Since they are also passing all these info to GA the variables must be there.

the track push would look like this:

analytics.track(‘Success’ ,{
email: xxxx??,
orderItems: xxxxx??

I can extract the email out of the div-container. But that is not very sustainable. These vars must be defined already somewhere.

Any ideas?

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Are you able to inspect the elements and add a unique class? If so, you can use a bit of custom code to get the email and pass that into your analytics.track() function. If you have a read-only link to your site then I can check for you :slight_smile:

Hi sarwech

thanks for your answer. That’s exactly what I do at the moment. But for the ordered products for example a dynamic table is generated and since ordered products etc get exported to Google Analytics etc i thought someone from webflow would share the exact events with me so I can pass them to segment as well.

It might be worth using the Chrome extension for Tag Manager. Install the extension and then go through the order process.

Once you land on the order confirmation screen you should see a tag from GTM to GA and it’s possible to expand the details that are sent. That might give you an idea of what the variables are defined as. The Webflow Ecommerce API docs might also help (the email field sits inside customerInfo).

I’m afraid I don’t have e-commerce set up so I cannot test this myself. Let me know how it goes!

By the way, in case it interests you I’m working on an analytics tool for Webflow :slight_smile: Hoping to make this kind of thing easier to track!