Touch [App Launch Concept]

Wanted to attempt an app launch site, so I did.

Want feedback on the layout and color scheme, as well as any additions that would the site would benefit from greatly.


Webflame :fire:

I would prefer something more bright.

You are launching a new app. You should try to draw all the attention of the user and from a UX perspective bright colors may have the user process the app in a positive way while the dull colors currently displayed might have the users associate the app with a very dull experience. :confused:

I would also try to use more “bubbly” text rather than the current text you have for the Headings. Why? Again mostly to set a more playful tune for the launch.

When designing a launch website for a new app you must be very strategic and think through the process of how the user will interpret certain colors and text and how they will associate those colors with the app and their emotions.

One thing that would get me more interested in the app which you can do is by adding more images of how the app will look on iPhone as well as a quick explanation of how the app will work and the benefits of this app to the user. A picture of the app itself of how it looks on the app store will also be helpful so the user can determine if they are downloading the right app. A link to the App store would be even better and is a greater ease of use for the user.

Hope these tips help! :wink:

Thank you for the extensive feedback, greatly appreciated.

I will definitely take a look at the color scheme, there were brighter colors i used in the original logo design so I may revert back to them. Also what ‘bubbly’ text may you recommend?

Webflame :fire:

Poppins is a font I personally use and like a lot.

But there are many other great fonts and I suggest just doing some quick searching on . Here you will find many great free Google fonts! :wink:

Just tested that font out and I agree.

Thank you again!
Webflame :fire:

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