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Totally Stumped, my collection list is starting with blank spaces

I have been totally stuck on this problem and just can not see what is going wrong…the collection list is starting with one or two blank columns. I have tried everything (well at-least everything I could think of) to fix the issue. The collection list is just set to display block and the div blocks within the collection items have a set height of 500px.

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated! I have looked all over and this is one issue that is giving me an absolute side ache.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link

Hi @brettymane the problem is related to your filtering as you’r applying filter on wrong element.

You should should apply filter on ITEM of collection to filter items

instead of applying filter on element inside item (not filtered from collection)

Hope this make sense.

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Thank you so much @Stan!! Your a lifesaver!

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