Totally screw up....what next?

I am so close from switching from Wordpress to Webflow. I was wondering if there is a video which explains how to recover from totally screwing up your work on a site and getting back to something you can work with. Back to normal in other words. For a newbie this can be a daunting and overwhelming this to deal with. How do you your recover from all the shanges you make. I know I can undo them but when you have modified your site extensively I have no clue what to do.

As always your replies and advice are more than appreciated.

BTW, I’m looking at other options like concrete5 and modx. I need something where I can create my site quickly and efficiently. The videos I have been watching from the university and other videos have been a HUGH help to me.

Thanks again!!!




one good practice is to save and name specific backups before doing any major changes to your site. The shortcut for a new backup is CTRL + Shift + S on Windows and Command + Shift + S on Mac.

Then you’re able to give the backup some specific name like “before front page hero update” so you’re easily able to revert to that specific backup in case something goes wrong :slight_smile:

Hey @rmcellig. Webflow has a great native backup feature to help you start over or undo a lot of changes. It’s normal to be frustrated or overwhelmed when getting started. I had to use backups all the time when I first started. Fluency will come with repetition and experimentation.

If I remember correctly, you are looking to create a site to host your podcasts. It’s all possible with Webflow, but you will need to problem solve in ways that WordPress never required you to do.