Total of Wins/Loss/Ties

Hi I am trying to create a School Team Site. I have the Schedules Collection (where all games are posted) , but I don;t know how to create an output on the SIte for Wins, Losses etc…Any help is greatly appreciated please help!

PLEASE NO SOLICITATIONS - Thanks any help appreciated

Here is my public share link: LINK

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 4.15.05 PM

Hi again Tomas. Again, there isn’t a way to do this outside of a specific collection list / CMS setup and custom JS programming.

If you don’t want to code, or hire someone to build that solution you could learn a 3rd party framework like Wized but that’s going to be far more complex and expensive in the long run.

In your case, you might talk to the school computer science teacher and have him recommend a student that could do the JS development. One recommendation I can give is to keep your total games could < 100 preferably, and to emit the win loss condition into a CMS-bound custom attribute. This will simplify access for the script developer.

michael, give someone else a chance to help PLEASE.