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Topic outcome labels

It would be nice to have labels such as “planned”, “completed”, “considered”, “rejected”, etc on forum threads. You can see this kind of labeling on and

+1 for However when a company starts a getsatisfaction platform, they’re implying they’ll give help to users and will treat all the tickets. As far as I understand, the forum logic around Webflow is for users to help each others… with support of Webflow eventually. But the direct help is reserved to the support email, which is prioritary to pro plan users.

So I’d like a getsatisfaction too but it wouldn’t be an innocent move from Webflow’s.

As per the tags, they’ll be useful. The only power I have as a mod is to “archive” a topic, which I’m not even entirely sure what it does.

I was referring to getsatisfaction only as a model to see how those tags could be implemented. Otherwise I think this forum is just fine.