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Top video DIV cutting off content from DIV below

Hello Amazing people, I am quite new to webflow. I am a designer. I have a website I have live its for my new film, called SWINE.

The trouble I am having is that the container that sits at the top of the site is working fine on Mac, chrome, safari etc, but on PC when a computer screen or window is too small (height wise) then the bottom container overlaps the video.

So the video gets cut off by the container at the base. I have tried everything but it just wont fix, but on some pc’s its fine.

Can anyone offer any tips or advice?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Height of .homebodytext is 120px, and the video is inside it.

Move video to outside and after .homebodytext.

Now .videowrapper and .homevideo has a height of 0px. You need to do something about this, otherwise it takes up no space even though you can see it.

Remove all absolute positioned elements and switch to relative. You have no need for absolutes here.

Thank you Sam! :slight_smile: Now .videowrapper and .homevideo has a height of 0px

What height do I set them? Obviously the site is responsive so what do I do with the height settings?

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