Top section compresses in tab view

Hello Webflow World! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am practicing webflow these days. While recreating design, I added a section below the top section (top section contains nav bar). It worked fine in desktop view but when i choose tab view and smaller screen sizes, the top section looks just like a line thus pushing the section below to the top of the body.
Interestingly, the navigator still shows Nav bar in the top section and the nav bar is visible on all the screens.

Project link : Webflow - Practice circle

hi @padmakar_roy and welcome on board, your content is pushed up because navigation position is set to absolute.

you can find more on

I will suggest you will spend some time on WFU to learn how to work with this platform take some CSS & HTML free course on YT and if you will still have an issue use this forum search input field when looking for solutions. :slight_smile:

Hey Stan!

Thank you for the quick response, this definitely is useful!

About the HTML & CSS course, is it necessary to learn to make full use of webflow? BTW, i am not a coder.

hi @padmakar_roy thank you for very good question. Learning at least basic about HTML and CSS is not necessary as WF is “no-code” platform and offer GUI (Graphic User Interface) to prototype website faster but under hood it is just HTML, CSS and javaScript. That’s why learning at least basics of essential technologies used for building websites is beneficial.

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Thanks @Stan !

That’s a really valuable advice. I will definitely go through the basics!

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hi @padmakar_roy basics of HTML and CSS can be learn in 2-4 weeks depend what time you will spend on learning. You can find very good courses on YT all you need understand to start with are positions, Flex and CSS Grid. You should avoid Crash courses in general but there are some exceptions also release day is also important as CSS evolved in last two-three years rapid way but core is still same. As not every teacher explain things the way that his/her explanation will be easy to grasp, finding one that’s explaining things the way you understand is also good.

Here are some tips but find one that will suite to you best. :wink:

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I can’t thank you enough @Stan !!!

Will go through the videos for sure.

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hi @padmakar_roy if you do not have further questions related to your original request feel free to close request as solved by marking any response that helped you as solution.

Thank you

Hey @Stan ,

Thank you for all the help!

I can’t find any option to close this. :thinking:

hi @padmakar_roy try click on 3-dots in any response and you should see an option solution

Apologies for the delayed response.

I already tried that but whenever I click the 3 dots, the dots are replaced by a flag icon.
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hi @padmakar_roy sorry for misleading information as I wasn’t created any request for a while. You as a creator of request you should see this under you post.

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If you don’t see this option don’t worry as it can be some glitch in forum.

Hey @Stan !
Thats totally cool! But I can’t find the solution option either.

So, probably a glitch! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for all the support! :smiley: