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Top Nav Menu Looks Weird in IE9


Site renders perfectly in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari but Top Nav menu is diagonal in IE9 (with compatibility settings off…when compatibility settings are on, everything goes bad).

Public link:

Live link:

Oh yeah, I love Webflow, by the way. In just a few days, I created a site that pretty much blows away the one created by our marketing company partner (for a LOT of money). If I can fix this little IE9 issue, we can manage the site ourselves (which is awesome).

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Hi @Jimmy glad you’re liking Webflow! I found why this is happening. You added a Rotate transform effect on your links. The reason it’s not showing up in the modern browsers is because Inline elements (your links are set to Display: Inline) don’t take effects. But IE9 seems to render them.

So just remove it and you should be fine. Either click on the trashcan or click on the Blue Transform property and remove the property from that class.


Awesome. It looks perfect now and with that tip, we’ll save about $12K+ using this over the cheap, outdated design our old marketing partner is trying to pitch us (sorry guys). Plus, we can manage it ourselves.

Thanks again for the lightning fast response.

  • Jimmy