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Top menu skewing the rest of my webpage


Could you tell me why my top bar menu has extended to the right, and now off centers my website?

Inline image 1

I want it to look like this please :slight_smile:

Inline image 2

I am unsure how to change the length of the top menu. As a result of this happening, everything I publish does not show up on the preview site, and if I click the preview button in the top left corner, it still will not preview any of the updates I have made since my menu went off center.

I can screen capture this video of the publishing not working if needed.

I think the width of the navbar is unset somehow…
Try setting it to 100% or 100 VW…

If that does not work, please share the public link of your website…
How to share a public link of website in Webflow

Hi @Brandon_Stein, could you share the read-only link to the site ? ?

It is much easier and make things faster to troubleshoot the design issue with the read-only link :slight_smile:


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