Top margin help

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the white margin at the top? Every time I change the height of the “header 2” the bottom wrapper gets pushed down.


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Hi Kim, it’s difficult to tell what you’re wanting to do.
It looks like you have two navigations, one static, and the other sticky.

The sticky nav, Header 2 is hidden on all breakpoints.

What are you trying to create with your navigation and what margin are you referring to?

Sorry, try this link:

When I increase the height of “header 3” there is a white bar that appears above “wrapper” that I’m trying to get rid of.


In you design, the Section inside of your Wrapper is trying to offset the position with a negative margin of -6em. It looks like you’re trying to compensate for the nav height.

If you increase the nav height you’ll need to increase that compensation too.

However if your Nav is always at the top of the page, you probably want to use fixed rather than sticky, and that will eliminate the need for an offset in the sections below.

Got both fixes thank you so much!