Top and bottom sticky bars not working for me

Hi friends -

I’m struggling to figure out why my top and bottom nav bars aren’t functioning the way I’d like.

Here’s my read-only site: Webflow - We The Legion

I want the stop nav bar to be totally sticky, but when I scroll down, it scrolls down slightly revealing some of the background above it.

And then on the mobile sizes, I want to have a floating banner-ad-like-object at the bottom that is sticky and remains in place as the user scrolls, but again, having issues with the functionality when I preview it.

Any ideas?

So from what I’m experiencing it looks like a hover animation on Body 3 that is causing the issue.

As for mobile, the body 3 hover animation looks to affect this as well as I can see that you have phone banner set to fixed already.


Amazing, I think that fixed it. Thank you so much!

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