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Top 2 CMS items dont display! Help!


I’ve run into an issue with my CMS not displaying properly. I am no expert and enjoy the template that I purchased. I have played with some settings and its worked perfectly for my needs. However since I logged back into Webflow this month I find that my CMS items arent displaying correctly.

In DESKTOP view and TABLET, the top right CMS items don’t display their pictures anymore. when published I can drag the invisible picture and see that it is there. Only it doesn’t display. I’ve tried changing the spacing, the borders, changing fill to contain the image. I’ve maxed out my ability with it sadly.

Could someone please have a look and help me out?
I randomly get a notification saying Route Invalid API/site/… too, Perhaps this is something to do with it.

Any help is welcome as I will be presenting my website next Monday to a group of people through my business card. I really hope to have it fixed by then.

Thanks again guys.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Philipp, it seems that I see all the items and their pics, on both fr and en pages, in the Designer and on publish.

Hi Philip,
Could you specify which are the ‘top right’ CMS items that are missing. i.e. collection and item names.


In this regard, the items are “Tree of Life” and “BETA UK”.

In the screenshot you will see how the item is there with the link, however, the project image doesn’t load. However, in a mobile view, all images load without an issue.
It seems there’s a problem with the image being too big and then not appearing.

I have tested this on Chrome.