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Tooltips' styles are differents

Hey, i have a problem with the style of tooltips , the look of tooltips are differents, for exemple :

image and image

can you help me please ?

the settings :


thanks, xx

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Do you have a link available to view? The top arrow has the tooltip, but the cog does not, is that what’s missing?

The cog (and others) have a tooltip but they don’t have the same style as the button “top” and “bottom”


Okay it’s the sidebar menu on the right, correct? Also, I need the webflow read only link from here:

yes and other

image image image

Okay, yes they are different images. On the sidebar links, are different:

  1. Normal: Black arrow - White background

  1. Hover: White arrow - Grey background

All the other links don’t have this. They are black arrow - black arrow and both have transparent background.

In the assets panel… you’ll need another white (plus +) sign. There’s only a black one.

sorry but i don’t understand … my butons have the same style with a background color


I found, my “value” was incorrect in the “attributes” of my tooltipster … thank you for your help!

Okay great, no problem… Glad you got it worked out!

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