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Tooltip Widget / Element


I’m using Dropdowns to create my Tooltips but it’s really cumbersome, as it wasn’t design for this purpose. This is a feature request.

Thank you!


You can do this manually by selecting your element and adding the custom attribute ‘titile’ to it

I do agree that this should be abstracted into the UI for us to use more easily

Thanks Aidz for your screenshot!

I was talking about the full-blown customized tooltip for advanced content.

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But then won’t this just be an element that is hidden by default with an interaction for on hover to display your tooltip?

That’s a solution,

But again, Tooltips are specially meant to appear several times in a website. For instance, if I put a little (?) icon to explain a feature, then when in another page I’m talking again about for a similar feature, I want to have the same kind of layout poping up.

Plus, the little arrow pointing at the word changes direction whether I’m on a large screen or an iPad, and even further, when I’m on an iPhone it’s not a Tooltip that has to appear as there would be no place, but rather a top information bar with the tooltip content, or if more complex a whole modal window.

Hmmmm I think something similar can be achieved by creating your own symbol with the relevant interactions for that (?)

The Webflow team are going to be bringing modal popups soon so I lets hold thumbs for more cool features!

I support this request. I think a feature rich tooltop widget would be a great time-saver, especially if combined with an image-mapping functionality. A more or less good example for a future tooltip widget: