Tooltip Custom code changing link color


I have been at this for a while so hopefully this comes across the person that has the answer.

I have a tooltip in my custom code:

and I want to change the colour of the link as it’s not visible …

Thank you !!!

Not sure how the script is working but I did notice that your class name is .tooltip inside the designer. I would try getting rid of the ‘.’ since I believe the class (dot) is already implied.

Currently your class looks like this - (..tooltip)

Let me know if that is needed for the script to work or an easy fix.

Thank you @supji ! I got rid of it in my class so now its “tooltip” but still nothing :frowning:

Hey @Sheena_Tarrant, it seems to me that your cms code is the problem, because you don’t want to change the background-color of the link inside the class tooltip, right? And when I inspect the site I see a different class name, try something like this:

    .tippy-tooltip a {
    color: red;

you can change the red for whatever #value you want. I hope this helps!

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@Pablo_Cortes This worked perfectly ! Thank you. I don’t know why I have the class “tippy-tooltip”, where did you see this and how did you know?

hey @Sheena_Tarrant, I found it by inspecting the modal, it is a class probably added by the tooltip library.

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