Tools for configuring and utilizing UTMs on Webflow sites

Hi there,

I’ve perused the forums about configuring UTMs and it seems like it can get fairly complicated. For the most part, I want to focus on design and less on the marketing development side of things. But I also want to be able to suggest solutions (or maybe if they’re simple enough, bundle them into my offerings) for those who are not “power-users” when it comes to marketing dev. Does anyone know of tools that make setting these up easier with less code?

I found this tool called and it seems promising. Does anyone else have tools or suggested implementation they know from experience?


UTMs are simply a specification for querystring params that are passed on inbound links to your site. If you want to capture that referral data, you generally want to do two things;

  1. store that data temporarily during the session so that navigation doesn’t lose it
  2. pull that stored data when the user performs an action like submitting a form, and submit it with the form data.

Both are simple enough with custom code, but it depends on exactly what you’re trying to do.

If your form is already on the page that is linked to, and you can skip part 1, then you can use this to pull the UTMs directly into your hidden form fields.