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Too much Conditional Dependency and SEO?! :O

I have dynamic collection on my Webflow site. And so, photos in the slider on these pages change from page to page (automatically).

However, some of the slider sections show empty fields (every dynamic page has different number of photos, and when Webflow doesn’t have a pic to draw from, it shows an empty gray field). :frowning:

I have hidden the empty sliders using Conditional Visibility (“if the title of the page is X, then do not show slider Y”. But now I imagine that every time someone opens the page, there are about 90 conditions running.

I feel like this is not a very elegant solution to disappearing empty sliders that do not have images set up in Collection. Does it harm SEO? If yes, how to change it? Adding classes to a slider does not work.

now imagine these conditions set for each of these 12 sliders, on every page (about 90+ conditions)

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Domy Parterowe z Keramzytu

Search engines are pretty smart about hidden content so normally no. They do measure performance. Having lots of content loaded on a page, that is hidden, affects page weight and potentially end user experience. The browser has to parse all the content first. There is really no practical workaround when hosting on Webflow. When I have sites that require lots of conditional content I usually build on dynamic platforms, where content is rendered dynamically.

Thank you for the answer.

The thing is, the page I am using is dynamic (it draws content for every page from fields in “collections”). However, sometimes I just need to adjust certain small things… eg. add a bit of text on just one page, not 10.

Is there perhaps a way to just… add something on only ONE of these dynamic pages drawing from collections? Eg. add a slider or a picture on without affecting or …/15 etc…

Webflow pages are rendered as static resources when published so they are really only dynamic in the designer.

The only options I think you have beside conditionals is using the custom code embed feature inside rich text to insert HTML or you can use custom code to inject content from elsewhere on the site via Ajax.

But when adding rich text with custom code to a collection page, the rich text gets added to all the collection pages, doesn’t it?

@Martin_SEO - Not when custom code is placed inside a Rich Text Element bound to a Rich Text Field. That is unique content to each CMS Item.

Hey, thank you for the answers. I am not sure how to inject the content from elsewhere via Ajax, and I’m not sure about the rich text element binding to rich text field. So let me show you what I am doing, maybe you can tell me if it’s the correct way structure and seo-wise:

I add Rich Text Element

I delete the text from it:

I add custom code to the rich text element with this:

and then I add iframe code linking to another page on my own site:

<iframe name="Stack" src="" width="100%"
        frameborder="0" scrolling="no" id="iframe"> ...

of course, I also add some custom code to head in order to show the whole page in this iframe instead of just a part.

Is this all correct?

If what you are doing works for you then that’s all that matters.

jQuery is loaded on Webflow projects by default so you can use .load() | jQuery API Documentation to inject content from another part of your site into an element you select.