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Too many scroll animations making me unable to click buttons

Hello, my site is being weird - I cannot click any of the navigation items when I publish or preview the site.

I also cannot enter any details into the contact me section, I do have many animations on my site so maybe something is making it not work - please send help!

Live site

Ehm, when I click the menu links they just work? You sure you’re not running any weird browser add-ons?

Ah let me try on safari

Yeah I don’t know how they work for you? Not working for me still, even on safari

Google Chrome. Works beautifully here :slight_smile:

Okay wait, they work on read-only but only if you click them first, when you start scrolling they dont work - I also noticed that when they do work on read only the scroll animations I have dont work, possibly has something to do with them

If I immediately start scrolling down after load, and then click em, they work as well :smiley: Also a mix of clicking and scrolling works over here. I have no idea why it gives you trouble :o

Works just fine here too. Chrome. Scrolling before and after clicking works.

Do the scroll animations work like does “design skillset” move from left to right on scroll and does the ix logo rotate?

Nope. those are not moving left or right

Ooooh now I see what you did. Just a sec

2020-01-21 17_21_08-Webflow - peeldesign

Your multiple “while page is scrolling” triggers are fighting each other. If I remove the first one, the text now moves left and right. Your problem is in this section. Is it best practise to have multiple of these with each their own animation space? Someone more webflow knowledgable should be able to help. I’m pretty new to the interaction part of things.

Thanks so much for your help btw, sorry if I sound like I’m demanding hahaha

If you wanna see the published site you can see that you are not able to click the buttons but you can see the sexy scroll animations (the important bits)

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Ahh I see, maybe the page isn’t used to having so much going at once, may have broken webflow lol