Too many requests API error with WordPress Webflow Pages plugin

Hi all,

While using the WordPress plugin “Webflow Pages” I encountered that the plugin disconnected from the API and the settings were gone. The console logged the following error:

GET 429 Too Many Requests Webflow_API->list_sites()

→ is this a known issue? I couldn’t find any information on this. It’s a very simple site with only two webflow pages so far (CMS plan). Are we really hitting any limits?

Thanks for any ideas!

Looks like the Webflow pages plugin does not respect the X-RateLimit-Remaining header Webflow includes on API responses. That plugin has not been updated for over two years so I would not count on it for projects. There are much more capable solutions available for WP.

If you need a developer that is fluent in both feel free to reach out.

Can you elaborate what you mean with “much more capable solutions available for WP”?

Different ways of “integrating” Webflow into Wordpress?

My overlaying problem is described here: How to publish a site to a custom domain while keeping wordpress in a subfolder
If you have an idea about solving that setup, I’d be happy to chat/collaborate!

I would convert a Webflow design to a theme or just build natively in WP using a capable builder like Bricks. I am not a fan of the WF bloat that comes along for the ride myself. You might take a look at Pinegrow which can be used for theme creation without hand coding.

You can also use a reverse proxy to display wp content at a subdir of your choosing, you would just need to roll your own or use something like Cloudflare workers. There are posts in the forums related to that already.

Thanks for the ideas and pointers Jeff!