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"too many redirects"

Hey fam, one of my pages in my site has broken.

I don’t know what happened but it says there’s an error because of “too many redirects” but i don’t understand why… can anyone help me find the issue?

the link to the page is this:

Thanks in advance!

Same here. Already tried Clearing Cache and cookies, as that seems to be common cause, but that had no effect in my case. Did you find a solution @Sebastian_Lecona ?

Same. Did you find a solution?

Yes @tonycrisp , Webflow can now add 301 redirects if you change the slug for a page. Now you get asked about it to confirm, but there was a window during which if you changed the slug, the 301 got added automatically.

Go to your 301 redirects and there’s a good chance you’ll find the redirect in there, even if you didn’t manually add it yourself.