Too many issues, not sure where to start

Hello - so , in no particular order:

There is a segment of nothing whatsoever (a gap in the page) at the top of every one of the pages of my site, just beneath the navbar. The gap is not present in any of the pages when viewed in the editor, but appears once published and is present in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

The navbar itself does not function at all in either Firefox or Safari; doesn’t even display the hover animations.

The navigation links are scrambled, and some even direct to sections of the site that no longer exist in the editor and were deleted days ago. Links to Page Sections (within pages) work only intermittently, even though all ID naming is correct, and there are no other ID names as not to complicate matters.

Pages that are explicitly told not to open in new tabs - you guessed it - open in new tabs.

The lack of consistency is frustrating. I never thought I’d say it, but I’m beginning to regret moving over from Elementor.

Any help would be massively appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Taking a quick glance and I can spot a few things-

When your published site looks different from the in-designer site, it’s often because you have custom scripts or CSS running that impact the published site. Check your site-wide custom code. For some reason you have a script creating these elements above your preloado element in the published site;

<div class="video-mask">
 .element-class {
 display: flex;

Navbar- you’ll need to be more specific about what’s not working the way you want. I’m seeing the behavior I’d expect… work, about and, contact all scroll to those sections.

Similar with links opening as new tabs, I can’t see anything that looks broken, will help if you give specifics so the community can help.


Thanks, Michael, this solves some of it, but with the rest I clearly haven’t given enough context - my bad. I’ve made another post that hopefully makes a little more sense: