Token based in app (web) purchases

I want to build a website that like we see with new AI platforms, offer a coin/token based in app purchase system.
Ie, the customer buys a subscription (monthly coin limit) or pack (set amount of coins eg 1000). In exchange for real money.
Then after purchase, the coins get credited to the customers account, they interact with elements in the website that after interacting deduct a certain amount of coins ie 200 leaving the customers balance at 800 coins.
When hitting 0 they will have to re top up their account.
I cant find any info on this anywhere, so would greatly appreciate some insight!

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Hey @Fin :wave: I just created a tutorial for this sort of situation using Webflow, Make, and Memberstack.

I know it’s been a few months, but figured I’d share now incase future readers have a similar Q.

Here’s the Demo project + cloneable:

Here’s a video tutorial:

And here are links to the code and blueprints:

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Thank you very much for the video, great descriptions and I can wait to try it out. Luckily I didn’t need it urgently and was just asking as I definitely would like to create something like this in the future!
Continue doing what you doing, great stuff!

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