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Toggle or option button


I’m designing an account setting page. Many of those setting are ON/OFF toggle statut button. I would be great be able to design them directly in WF. Nothing fancy just the hability to do it.

Right now we have to go with Twitter bootstrap which put more effort for our developpers.

Thanks for the feedback @devmtl! We’ll look into adding something like this.

Not sure if where you guys are with this but I think my feature request is somehow related. I was wondering if it would be possible to if you can add the ability to switch on/off webflow.css? Not all of it though since the dynamic parts like the slider and video are very useful. Something like where you have checkboxes of which webflow styles you can toggle on/off. In case you’re wondering why, I’m just hoping this will allow me to plugin twitter bootstrap elements better without conflicts. Or better yet if you guys can add the ability to switch over to twitter bootstrap that would be awesome! It’s not that webflow isn’t awesome cause I truly love the stuff I am able to do with it now. I just wanna be able to do more with it.