Toggle for low res images & dark mode?

I stumbled across a great architecture firm webdesign (Snohetta) where they allow web visitors to toggle a low res/high res option, as well as a more generic dark made/light mode.

Would something like this be possible with Webflow?? Changing the res of all images site wide?

Many thanks,

Not natively.

The lo-res feature is an interesting design challenge though.
Is performance the goal?

Typically I build reverse proxies for clients that need image compression for images that are CMS-stored. That works exceptionally well but if you wanted to take it even further, there could be a second lo-res compressor config that size-reduces and over-compresses the WEBP’s for mobile targets.

Your site could use whatever settings console it wants, and it would communicate that choice to the server via a cookie, which both persists that setting and makes it visible to the r-proxy.

Hi Memetican,

Thanks for the response. To follow up on what you said above. Yes, the low-res option would be for performance. Interesting what your saying although it’s a little above my capability of understanding. I knew it would require a custom input somehow, alas it would be a great native feature.

Thanks again.

If you’re just trying to maximize performance, I can help with that if you need. The “low res” switch wouldn’t be needed here if you’re already using Webflow’s native responsive images.

Drop me a message if you want to discuss.