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Toggle Animation Issue

Hey there,

I have a unique situation. I used Tabs to create my Navbar (for various reasons) and have implemented a “manual” hamburger menu for tablet and smaller screens.

I have set up a toggle for my hamburger button using animations where:

  • on 1st click = show nav menu
  • on 2nd click = hide nav menu

Also in my Nav Menu, whenever you click one of the links it will hide nav menu

My issue is the following case:

  1. Click Hamburger to open menu (this constitutes a 1st click = show nav menu)
  2. I click one of the links ie. About (this hides nav menu)
  3. Now if I click the Hamburger again nothing happens, as this constitutes a 2nd click = hides nav menu. I want it to show the nav menu here (I know it will show the nav menu if I click again, but this isn’t ideal)

I hope this makes sense and appreciate any help I can get here!

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