Today is he day I step into the Webflow forum

I posted a intro a few weeks back warning the group that I am brand new to all of this and will likely be asking some very very basic questions, and that once get comfortable I will probably throw out 5-10 questions on a good day. So, here is my maiden dumb question thread question:

If I want to add a Blog page to a project site, can I import the free Blog template, or must I build from a blank?

**I am creating my first blog page ever for a client so Iwill be asking a lot of CMS/Blog Q’s over the coming days.

Thanks in advance…and to the Webflow Design Team…BRING BACK THE UP/DOWN ARROWS!!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community! :heart: Ask as many questions as you want. Also, don’t forget to use the forum search function to make sure your question was not already answered before you ask it.

As for your questions here, you cannot import a template into an existing Webflow project. You’ll need to create it from scratch. But it’s not that hard to learn or do :+1:t3:

Good luck with your projects!

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