ToC on a blog post?

what is the best way to achieve this table of content on a blog post:


Hello @sanshiro

I will create a sticky sidebar with list element inside and some link blocks linking to sections with id.

Hope this makes sense :webflow_heart:

yeah but using the cms, my problem is not doing this manually, my problem is doing this for a writer using the webflow cms :thinking:

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Ou I see. Maybe you can find some info here > Dynamic IDs in dynamic list items for inpage anchoring

One more > How to create CMS dynamic table of contents (Step by step tutorial)

Hi @sanshiro! here’s by far the easiest way to dynamically create ToCs for your blog posts:

Hope you find it helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Had this same question so I made a cloneable projects with the solution :point_down:

I followed this tutorial to automatically generate a table of contents for my blog. Figured I’d share the cloneable for future me and current you! I hope it works well for you.

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