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To recreate this site


I want to recreate/improve this site I made with a cms in the past that is not webflow. How is the best way I can go about it?

this is the link to the website:

Ok, so you want sections that are always 100 height of the browser, with a background that does not move.

Set the body element to height 100%.
Now set the sections ton height 100%. As the body is set to 100% they’ll each fill up all the visible height of the browser.
Add background images to your sections, and in the image background dialog, check the “fixed” checkbox. Possibly set the background to Poster and center it as desired.

Now you should have the main structure… come back if you need help to place the text elements inside the sections.

@vincent i did a test with the instructions you gave me on

which before the adjustments looked like this

in the latter one, you see that some elements, like the little character has to be on the ground on a certain points, but now floats. Also the middle page really acts weird. So this is not the effect yet I want to achieve. Can you help me?

is the link of my site in webflow.

Hi. I’m a bit confused, I see no similarities between your two first links, and still have hard time understanding what you’re aiming at. I’d love to help but I don’t get what you are trying to achieve. Is the second link the one you wanted to show me? It’s not the same site at all.

sorry the second link should be

so sorry about that.


so? @vincent have u had a chance to look at it?