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To all people with multi-ref/zapier problems!

Hey there my beloved Webflow Community.

As the title says, this goes out to all the people with Multi-ref/Single-ref or Zapier CMS problems!

I have searched google, zapier and this forum with no luck when it comes to this problem.
Webflow and Zapier does not cooperate when it comes to using fields like this, and therefore i can tell you that i have found a simple, yet fitting solution to the problem.

Use parabola(much better) instead of zapier, and read through the link below:

Parabola also gives you an error message if something fails, which can give you valuable feedback if something is wrong.

If you want to use f.ex Google Sheets/Excel with Parabola and use multi/single-ref you have to use a “FIND AND REPLACE” after pulling the info from the sheet. The function should find the info from the cell where you have written the multi/single-ref word/info, and then use the function to replace that with the item id from the wanted multi/single-ref field.

I know i’m not the best writer, but at least this might help some users which have had the same problem. If someone has a problem, then simply reply here.

Thanks for sharing.

Parabola is a great multi-purpose automation tool, and it’s definitely under-appreciated compared to Zapier/Integromat.

However, it’s still not as easy as uploading a CSV file or using PowerImporter to sync Airtable to Webflow automatically (taking care of the multi-ref fields for you).