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Title of Website not showing in mobile landscape view

Hey, I’m having issues with my logo not showing up when the site is in landscape view on mobile. Not sure what I did wrong, anyone have any insight?

Thanks in advance for the info

Try giving your Brand or Image inside of brand more specific sizing, right now it has only max 70% width but it doesn’t know what is 100% to be able to calculate what is 70%, try giving it regular width in px and it should work. Also give your hero section height that is bigger than 100vh, something like min. height 500-600px since 100vh in landscape is overall really small, cheers

@Incognito_Agency I tried using your advice and it didn’t fix the “title image” shrinking in size. I’m realizing the “title block” keeps shrinking even when I give it a defined height and width, but I’m not sure why at this point