Title element and "skip navigation" link

Hello everyone,

Is there anyone who could help me with these?

  1. How do I check that my page’s “Title elements” are matching the main headlines and the original links that lead you to this page?

  2. How do I add “skip navigation” link to my page.

Wishing a great day to all!

  1. "how to check" - a lot of SEO softwares give you this data (OR Audit your site online).
    Anyway, its ok for “mysite/about” page to create title “The best Design agency in NY” and internal link from homepage “learn more about our agency”. This is more keyword issue - no rules by google for this 100% matching.

  2. You a lot of tuturials about this issue. Try this:

If you dont succsed to implement this add live URL (read only link).

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Thank you Ezra for this!