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Title attributes for images and link elements

Is there a way to add tags to images or link elements? If not, can you add this to your list of enhancements?

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Good idea! Thanks for the feedback.

Any tips on adding title tags other than adding manually to the code?

Hi guys, any news on this?

I’ve tried to add a title attribute but it says is a “reserved name”. I suppose it is because it is used by webflow somewhere else. But where?



@guihnz @cam @matt_uid @bartekkustra - apologizes for the long delay on this, but we just rolled out the ability to set a custom title. Just add it as a custom attribute in the Settings tab:


Which should now show a tooltip in preview mode when you mouse over the element:

Let us know if this works for you - thanks!


Thanks, will take a look as soon as possible :)