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Tips to speed up adding Ecommerce product variants

If you’ve got more than one option set (variant) to add to a product here are some simple tips to save you time.

Add a Main Image and Price

If you add fields to a product prior to creating any option sets those values will get passed down. This also to the following fields:

  • image
  • price
  • compare-at-price
  • sku
  • width, height, length, weight

Note that the Quantity will get passed to the first variant only. The others will get a value of 0.

Adjust your first set prior to adding the second option set

The same logic continues, whatever we adjust on the first variant options will get passed down to the next option set. So in this example I changed the Black variant image to the black shirt. Now when I add my size option set, all the black sizes will have the black shirt image and the blue sizes will have the blue shirt image. AUTOMATICALLY so instead of changing 6 images, I only had to replace the 1.

The Result

So think carefully about which order you add option sets to your products.

  • The order you add sets is the SAME order they are listed in the Add To Cart component
  • The order you add sets can make adding the other sets easier in the Designer/Editor

CSV Import

Of course if you are importing a product list via a CSV file then you are already winning.