Tips for an app with booking, service, file storage, and e-commerce

Hello! I’m new, hoping to get some direction. There’s a studio, and I want to make a site where they can do a few different things - book appointments, offer remote services (or appointment add-ons), and hopefully sell their own merch (dropshipped). Would be ideal if all of that can be soldwith the same checkout so the client doesn’t have to go to different websites.

Another thing that’d be cool to add, is a file management thing - if there was a way to have an “appointment chat” where they could send back and forth files and links that’d be splendid.

But that’s a later thing - first I want to get booking and services set up.

Any tips on integrations I should use? I’ve also thought about going over to Bubble to do this since it’s getting kinda complicated but I’d prefer to keep it in web flow.

If you can give advice I’d love you forever <3