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Tiny movement on hover

Hi there,
I have got a tiny movement if I hover li for the first time on the navbar.

Can someone help me?

This is the public link
This is the editor link

Hi - You have hover states on your ‘li’ class, and also to the ‘li’ class on your ‘HoverMenuOpen’ interaction. These states are clashing with each other, which is causing the movement. Apply hover states either to your class or interaction - not both.

ok, at the moment i remove all hover effect… BUT the problem exist again

Hi @ginka_studio ! How did you create the frosted glass effect? Can’t see the setting or any script. Looking for a similar solution for my navbar. Thank you!

hi @Ludde there is custom CSS involved.

.navbar {
	backdrop-filter: blur(0.7em);
  -webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(0.7em);

Thanks @Stan to share my CSS. @Ludde I create the effect with css no JavaScripts