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Timetable For Sports Website

Hi Webflow’rs

Looking to get some recommendations or help. I have a client who is a Futsal/Soccer ground. They host daily soccer matches and will need to upload a weekly timetable for the teams to check when they are playing.

Would this template be best done in:
a) Webflow CMS
b) Front-end Editor for the client in a pre-designed table
c) Embed with a third party option

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!:grinning:

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All 3 is possible.

You should ask the client with what they are comfortable with doing.

Would they prefer to

  • Edit the CMS as an Editor
  • Edit the non-CMS designed table as a Designer
  • Edit a Google Calendar
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I finally met with the client about this and I think he prefers using the CMS as an Editor…

Which means creating a table on the “Timetables” page.

Thanks for the input!

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