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Timer for website to be open/closed

I am trying to find a simple way to attach a timer to my website’s shop landing page that would disable the possibility of going any further outside of opening hours. Can anyone advise on how to do this, does it have to involve some coding or is a simple plugin available?

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Hi Robin,

You would probably need to use custom code to achieve this.

Also, what do you mean by “going any further”?


Hi Kimmy,

Thanks for response. The store front page would look like a store front, and so when closed would not allow anyone to go further until open again. So I’m thinking that a timer widget that could be set to disable that page on and off when open and closed.

Hi again,

Do you mean when a user visits your website on closed hours, the user wouldn’t be able to open product pages? Or something like that?


Hi Kimmy,

Yes, exactly that.

The opening times would be displayed on the shop front page

I found Open/Closed widgets on woocommerce but they all relate to disabling ordering and purchasing. I wanted a timer that disables from the landing page store front.

After watching some XD developing tutorials, It occurred to me that I think I need a timer plugin that I can attach to an Enter button on the store front page that could control the opening and closing?