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Timer/delay triggers in interactions

Any chance you’re working on timer triggers/delays in interactions? It would sure solve a bunch on my current project!

this might help


You can set a wait time (delay) in the bottom of the effects panel:

Is that what you’re looking for?

Thanks Sergie, it sure is. I hadn’t explored that control yet since it stays in lockstep with transition times set above, I assumed it had something to do with those.

is it possible to make the trigger wait until you start scrolling? i’m trying to make my logo smaller as soon as the user starts scrolling but can’t figure out the timing…thank you.

I’m assuming you want to change the navbar as soon as the user scrolls down the page right? Currently you can’t create such a change with interactions, but we have plans to add this functionality to the navbar component.

@thesergie this has nothing to do with my nav bar but i’m using webflow because of the responsive features. the difference between my desktop vs. ipad vs. phone is terrible. the spacing is large and weird. and i don’t know how to just work on the mobile site. but why should i have to considering this is supposed to do it for me. i feel like i have to make three versions and that doesn’t make sense.

@khemingsen, you’re working with one of the bottom two media queries selected, for mobile, right?

Certain big changes between desktop and mobile have defaults in webflow, but it doesn’t purport to design the mobile version for you, just to give you an environment in which you have control to design each. Most of us wouldn’t want a product that tried to do the design of different views, for the same reason you’re not satisfied with the default mobile views - we all have our own ideas of what looks right.

Good luck, I hope you are able to get what you’re looking for from Webflow, there’s a lot of flexibility there but it does imply that you’ve got decisions to make inside that.

Hi. Is there any way to set timer to change background color or image automaticly without any hover or scrolling, or loading?