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Timed Animation won't work in the product page

I set up a timed animation for my nav bar, making the logo change size upon scroll.

It works perfectly on the home page.

But when I made the nav into a symbol and popped it in the product page template, even though I ticked the right timed animation that I created, it won’t work in the preview. The funny thing is, the animation works fine in the designer when im doing the preview from the interaction panel. But when I click on the eye symbol and scroll it looks like this.

Please help

Hi @Annie_Lee and welcome.

You should NOT relay on preview mode as is not reliable source to see how things actually works. The Best way to see how things are actually works is to publish your changes and see result on Published page(site) .

PS: Is always better to share Read Only link to let people see your project to be able help you.

Here is a read-only link

Its like that even on published @Stan

Hi @Annie_Lee all I have found is that you do not have assigned animation on page scroll.

just assign your animation and you should be fine. This worked from me.