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TidyCMS + Webflow

any known security issues with cloud cannon or tidy cms ?

I get nervous when you open a door for someone.

update: Ouch. I just saw pricing. One of my clients has 10 websites… and they are adding 3 new websites per year for the next 5 years.

So price wise - $90 a month to start… $250 a month in 5 years.

Might just stick to the current php method.

Go with then. It is cheaper and and update through FTP.

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Hi @nita_design ,
just came over this post. If you haven´t sorted this out yet the way to get editable background images in a slider in TidyCMS is to give each slide the class .imgup that does the trick.
The repeatable regions work fine here also. Do you use the class .repeatable?

As so many others in here I´m also waiting for the Webflow CMS to be released. I bet it will be great but I know developing software takes time and as much as I would like to have it yesterday I would rather have the Webflow team make it right.
In the meantime TidyCMS does the job for small/medium sites. There are some bugs and I had to change hosting due to php errors and I could´t figure it out but otherwise an easy solution.

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Hi perkristian,
Thanks for the input. I tried Tidy but regarding slides, I cannot change images if using a 100% slider as background.

For instance, I tried to implement Tidy with this “template”:

I cannot change the BG slider images: Made it editable wit .imgup, then on Tidy, clicking edit image does nothing…
If you navigate to the page “Serviços”, I tried to make those image blocks with editable and repeatable and imgup, but I’m having a lot of bugs.

Maybe it is just how I’ve structured the template… But for now I’m not finding a solution… I also tried with other designs, and I’m having bugs.

I’m now testing wordpress, but it’s really not my thing…


@nita_design that is because the image is a background which require a URL in different format. Try having a cropped image that will have position: absolute; z-index: -1; and simply use jQuery code to change it to a background URL of a slider on load.

$(document).ready(function() {
  $('.slide-2').css('background-image', $('#your-image-id').attr('src'));
  $('#your-image-id').attr('src','').css('display: none');

@bartekkustra I’m really a nullity with code :scream_cat:

Here is what I’ve done:

  • Removed the Bg image from slide1

  • Added an image, give it a class . img_s1 and also an ID of img_s1

  • Set img to absolute

  • zindex: -1 (a red message informs that negative values are only possible trough the navigation tab?), so I let the z-index as 0.

  • Included your code before /head, with the img class, as follows:

    <script type="text/javascript">

(document).ready(function() { (’.slide1’).css(‘background-image’, ('#img_s1').attr('src')); (’#img_s1’).attr(‘src’,’’).css(‘display: none’); };

Not sure if it’s now set as a bg image as it only covers half of the screen.
I’m absolutely sure that I’m doing this all wrong…

Sorry to be such a pain with this, as I said, coding and myself… we have some issues. And I really appreciate your patience.

Nita, contact me over Skype and I will try to help you out with this one :) Details are in my profile.

Hi @nita_design
I had to look into this again since it was a while since I did the background thing, And now it didn’t work for me as well. But after some digging i found out what was wrong. It seems that the navigation arrows in the sliders interferes with the edit button in Tidycms. So if you still need this solution you can set the arrow to display none and it should work.

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I’ve seen a number of people talking about Tidy here on the forums. People I must warn you that the team at Tidy is NOT offering support to their customers until their version is out later this year. What a crock, huh? Unbelievable. Seriously, who does that, especially to paying customers? I was thinking of using their CMS until I noticed that. Thank goodness the team here at webflow doesn’t behave like that.

So, it looks like I might try out Statamic. If anyone has had any experience with it let me know. I need something easy for me to integrate and something very easy for the customer. Maybe there are better solutions out there. I just don’t know enough about it and I don’t have time to try out numerous ones.

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I’ve tried Statamic and its great but it took me awhile to understand the theming part and I dont know if I still understand it, I had to give it up because I never get the front end user login part to work. One dead easy cms to set up is Pulsecms but its also a little simple in functions so it depends on your needs. Another is October cms, a really fresh take on cms. You also have Getsimple cms, it feel a little old but it works pretty well.


Thanks for the tips jorn! I’ll check those out. Actually, I am familiar with Pulse and I had forgot about it. I haven’t tried it in a few years but from what I remember I did like it.

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They made some major changes lately, check the blog posts out.

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