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TidyCMS + Webflow

Hello Webflowers :)

Someone at the forum early mentioned the TidyCMS so I decided to check their example page. I have to say I’m quite impressed + the video explained everything in details. Unfortunately I’m having troubles setting up TidyCMS for Webflow-exported websites. I contantly get “PHP Error” error :(

I’ve tried to email TidyCMS owners, but they didn’t reply.

Did anyone have that kind of a problem? How to solve it? I appreciate every help.

If this topic is “not cool” to stay here on this forum I’d like moderators to hide it and notify me. As this is something connected to Webflow (or what happens to the website after Webflow export) I tought this might be a good place to post it.

I think it’s cool (: Considering CMS and Webflow is such a hot topic on this forum, any piece about it should be welcomed (:

oh oh !!! Someone call the Webflow forum topic police :wink: What’s the site url and what is the error you are getting? Have you set your php warnings set to off ?

Dave, there’s no topic whatsoever for discussions about working with Webflow code outside of Webflow CDN specifically. I guess we’re a bunch of users doing this almost exclusively.

@vincent, you are right and we encourage the discussion :slight_smile: If someone has a specific issue with the current functionality of Webflow, we are happy to help. If that functionality is outside Webflow, and our customers need support, we take our own time and help where needed. We are groot :slight_smile:


It’s actually hardly steering people away from Webflow, rather reinforcing the boundaries between them and Webflow :wink:

I’m using Webflow to generate great pages that are used as both static pages and templates in a custom CMS. And this is not going to change, even if you bring CMS features, for many reasons:

  1. for a bilion of reasons, some websites can’t be hosted on Webflow’s CDN, but rather on client’s one
  2. if you think of the CMS general usage (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) people use a lot of 3rd party plugins for obligatory features (translation, ecommerce, etc). I don’t know how WF is going to deal with all these needs but I can see a torrent of requests once CMS features are brought in (“I need this”, “I need that”…). For instance, some of my projects involve translation, specific URL rewriting and some CEO stuff I understand close to nothing about.

So adressing customers that aren’t using Webflow CDN shouldn’t be seen as a weakness of your business model, rather the opposite I think.

This quote isn’t going to go un-noticed :wink:

:smile: oh man, if this is what I want in functionality I,m going to be very busy

Ok, don’t go jumping to too many conclusions :slight_smile: … What I mean is, that we are listening to the feedback. We hope to demonstrate that we have listened to the many requests during the development period. We are excited though for the future of Webflow :smile:


Hi @bartekkustra, I’ve tried some CMSses as well. What’s the php-error you get?

Hi Bartek.
I’ve had some guidance from the Tidy team and here are some steps that may help you:

1st you need to update the PHP version to 5.5. - They are dropping support for 5.3 as it was generating a lot of bugs.

One common message is the Phar extension missing. You need to check your server PHP config and activate that (For this I had to contact my host provider. I sent them a screenshot of the red message and they changed that in a few minutes).

After, maybe a soushin extension error? Again, go to the server PHP config and check that box out.

I’m still having troubles with integration. At this moment I’m trying to integrate a design and I’m having some issues:
For instance I have no idea how to make the slider (background images) editable… As it’s done over JS, I guess I’m not figuring that out. I’m not a coder (AT ALL), so it is not easy for me…

Also, some of the announced features don’t seem to work… Repeatable regions and saving edited code via their code editor (I use Sublime and then, upload it to the server).

Tidy CMS has the potential to be great with Webflow. At this point, I’m not sure if it is me and my lack of coding skills or if, at this point, Tidy is still not 100% compatible…

As you are a ninja coder, give it a try, maybe you can figure out some way around these issues?

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Give BC a spin. Most of this comes straight forward for designers. This is my point when it comes to website. Do you see website as part of business strategy or as a tech requirement? If you need a website as part of a business goal, I advise you talk your client over to BC. You don’t need to setup server things. You just focus on building beautiful online "businesses not websites."

Using BC will depend on your target.

Imagine a very small client, a hair salon for instance… If you have really small clients that are just looking for a way to perform simple changes on their website, selling them an integrated platform that they don’t even understand the purpose is not an option…

Your real options would be:
A) Walk away from small clients - Not a sustainable one for a starter like myself…
B) Try to explain them the benefits of online Marketing - Good luck with that one :smiley:
C) Overprice your services in order to have profit over a bunch of services they don’t really understand – That’s a no for me.

Don’t get me wrong; My background is in PR & Advertising, I’m 100% in favor of an integrated 360º digital marketing strategy for businesses… But that doesn’t seem to engage with micro clients needs (at least not in small markets as the Portuguese market… Cultural aspects are also interesting and a big part of the equation, but that would lead us to a marketing discussion, totally off-topic).

BC is a good product but, from my point of view, it serves only medium/large projects in order to be profitable.

Just my two cents over BC… Sorry if it has gone away from the main topic here.

I really would like to see if Bartek can work things around with Webflow+TidyCMS.

A great CMS that works very very well with webflow is

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Does cloudcannon supports changing background images?

No I believe that is the one thing they lack. But, I have communicated with the founders and they do have plans to add it in eventually. However, in the mean time it would not be hard to change them as you could just drag and drop the replacement image (as long as it is named the same) into the images folder and it will update.

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Can you duplicate images and change the duplicate? Like for a photo gallery?

I believe so yes. I used to use cloudcannon at my last job and they supported that back then… and they recently received some big big funding so they are building it quite well. It is free to sign up and test so I would suggest you do that and see for yourself.

So can you host on your own server with this? Like can I have clients go in, make changes and either export themselves or tell me when it’s ready for me to upload? If you have to pay for their hosting, it’s a total dealbreaker. I am not paying for yet another service for something I already have.

Thanks for this link =) …

I would suggest you sign up for their free account and test drive the thing.
They have an FTP connection as well so I assume they can now support updates to a different server through FTP. And yes, as for client updates the system works great. The client normally goes to … and then they login with a password (you make this). And they basically see the entire website and whatever is editable is boxed in yellow. A very simple and easy way to make updates.

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