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Ticker Speed and problem with loop

Hi everybody,

i’m trying to build a nice ticker with some text-information. In the example it’s placeholder text. The Ticker is working with interactions, but there are two things i’d like to optimize and actually do not understand:

First: the speed of the first round of the ticker-text ist slower compared to the following round. Should be the speed of the first round.

Second: I’d like the ticker to have no whitespace between the loop but i don’t find a way to solve this problem so far. Does anybody knows a clue?

Please visit the Page [Marquee] in the designer, there you’ll find the ticker.

thx :):slight_smile:
Best regards. Sonja

ticker in action

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Hi @Sonja_Jung

So the reason it’s slower the first time than the second time is because you’re giving it n amount of seconds to move off the screen and the starting point is the middle.

The second time round, it’s got to move the full width of the screen, in the same amount of time (according to the interaction you set), therefore it has to travel quicker.

To have it going across the screen continuously you’ll need a duplicate to show on the screen while the other one is leaving the screen and set the interaction for them to loop.

Hope that helps? :grimacing:

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Hey @magicmark,

thanks a lot! This was the clue i needed :slight_smile:

Have a nice rest of the weekend!