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Thumbnails occupying variable number of "blocks"

This might be a bit out of reach for me as a non-web-coder, but I am wondering if there is way of having thumbnails from a collection item occupy a variable number of “blocks” on a page.

I love this website as a reference:

On this page, as you scroll down, project thumbnails can occupy one block, two blocks side by side, or four blocks for a very large thumbnail.

The effect is that the thumbnail page takes on a lively appearance that is not simply a regular grid.

I would imagine that the collection item would have a switch to define the “block” configuration. From there, though, I am not sure how one might set up conditions to define the thumbnail size.

This is known as a masonry layout. You can achieve this using the columns property on the parent container in Webflow.

See Webflow Masonry grid ( #Pinterest), no Custom Code required