Through webFlow api some image having issue

When creating collection items, some images were inserted properly, while others were not. Surprisingly, no error was returned for the unsuccessful image uploads.

Try uploading that same image manually into the same CMS field you were trying to load it automatically and see if it works. If so, sounds like a network issue and you should message support.

Webflow is picky about image assets, including the 4MB limit, certain filename restrictions, type restrictions, and your CMS image field can have additional constraints such as dimensions. Any of these could cause it to be rejected.

As to the lack of an error, my guess is that media uploads happen asynchronously from the API call, so you had a successful call but the subsequent processing on that specific field could not complete.

i have used same image in direct call not working but same image i have save in my server and after that same image with same name working.
following one is not working

and following is working

so name and size not issue.

is any specific criteria for image